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As a leading Chinese manufacturer of auto filters and brake discs, we offer a wide selection of products including the air filter, oil filter, brake pad, and much more. CARTEK International - designed for performance, calibrated for perfection... More

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    1. Automechanika
      Date: 2016.08.22-08.25
      Venue: MOSCOW
      Booth No.: 7.3R279

      Date: 2016.09.13-09.17
      Venue: FRANKFURT
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    1. Air Filter
    2. Air Filter The product adopts imported high efficient filter paper to achieve high clogging capacity and air flow. It is designed to effectively protect engine cylinders, walls, pistons and piston rings of your lovely vehicles. The excellent design with long service life can promote engine performance, increase fuel economy, enhance engine combustion efficiency and reduce gas pollutions.
    1. Cabin Filter
    2. Cabin FilterComplete with activated carbon layer, the product can effectively block unwanted particles, unpleasant odors and harmful gases, such as hydrocarbon, SO2, NOx and ozone. Besides, our filter media is designed to be applicable to a wide range of passenger cars, business purpose vehicles and engineering machinery. Therefore, there is no need to worry about pollen, undesired agricultural sprays or soot in city traffic, our cabin filter will always give drivers fresh air.
    1. Oil Filter
    2. Oil FilterOur product adopts high-efficiency filter media imported from America and Korean. It prevents harmful contaminants contained in the oil from damaging key components in engines, such as bearings and crankshafts. The oil filter can minimize the abrasion caused by impurities and carbon deposit, as well as the oil-shortage risk during the high-speed running of engines. Meanwhile it promotes engine power and protects your lovely vehicles the whole time.
    1. Fuel Filter
    2. Fuel FilterAlthough we have clean combustion of fuel, contamination is still a big challenge for engine fuel system. The high-pressure injection systems in modern diesel engines demand for higher fuel quality. On the basis of increased injection pressure (to at least 2,000 bar) and biodiesel fractions in fuel, efficient particle removing and water separation are becoming more and more significant for protecting engines from abrasion.
    1. Brake DiscWe apply various material analysis and mechanical capacity testing equipment such as Carbon silicon analyzer, spectrometer as well as metallographic examination instrument, whereby the 5 chemical elements (C, Si, P, Mn, S) adhere to perfect matching tolerance, and the tensile force is ensured to be above 210Mpa. Meanwhile, the hardness is HBS187-241 so as to enhance crank resistance. After being strictly tested, we clean our brake discs and ensure rust resistance capacity before presenting to customers.
    1. Brake PadAmong series for commercial, the highest temperature withstood reaches 600℃, and the maximum shear strength is more than 300N/mm2. The products cover all heavy duty trucks, and most of types are ECE R90 certified. As for sedans series, we have more than 3,000 varieties covering most cars, and we are still having rapid development.
    1. Brake Pad SensorWe offer all kinds of auto brake pad sensor that covers vehicles from Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Opel, Peugeot, etc. Our brake pad sensor has high quality. There are professional test equipment and experienced engineers which enable us to develop and manufacture according to customers' drawings or samples. Our markets locate in various countries and regions such as Europe, Middle East, South Africa, etc.